The crazy bastard actually did it

I made a VR interface for this comic. It’s in WebVR, which you can view in Google Cardboard, Vive, Rift, Samsung Gear, and every other headset I’ve heard of. You can even see it without VR as a 3D image in the browser that you can drag around.

The interface shows you six panels arranged in a hexagon around you. As you turn right and left (you start at the beginning, so only turning right will work), it substitutes the comics for later or earlier ones. If you spin clockwise about fifty-odd times, you get to the end of the comic.

I love VR. The toughest thing about doing this comic is giving up learning VR development, which was going to be my big project when I got the crazy idea to do this comic. When I first saw WebVR demos, I decided I wanted to learn it. I’ve been planning this particular project for about a year and a half.

Is a VR comic reader a stupid idea? Most people who’ve heard about it have said yes it is. It’s okay if no one else likes it. It’s been maybe six or seven hours to develop (using AFrame), and it was worth it to be standing in an abyss, surrounded by 1.5 meter tall versions of my panels. That was great. And now I know AFrame.

Thanks to my brother Ben for his help with my geometry questions.