Triple Play

Here’s my latest comic:

Well, the comics are out of VR. I’m plugging away on a VR reader, and I was hoping it’d be ready when I did actual VR comics, but it’s not ready. I am over the hump, though. I’m through dealing with geometry issues I suck at and am back to architectural issues that I’m pretty familiar with.

There’s some odd stuff about this comic. First, this comic tends not to move location much, and this one is in a different place for every panel. More strangley, it covers a gap in time. The first 126 panels of the comic all take place on the same night. 127-322 all chart the following day. These four panels cover five days.

The T-shirt Julius is wearing in panel 323 (“It has made me also. . . moist.”) is a reference to the 1998 movie The Imposters. In the very beginning of the comic, you can see the poster on Julius’s wall.

I did the last three entries in a batch. I tried to do that with the VR comics, but I was too afraid of my new technique, so the main drawing was all done week-by-week. This time, I did all steps with 12 panels at once. It’s pretty time efficient. In the last three weeks, I’ve hosted a slumber party of 13-year-olds, had an anniversary and had the nerves in my left heel go crazy from potassium deficiency. I’ve still kept up the comic without going insane and also gotten a chunk of VR work done.