Three Successes

Here’s my latest comic:

There are three things that are going well with the comic:

  1. Automation worked without a hitch. I ran one command, and the manifest made an appropriate version for today and copied the files to S3.

  2. I managed to do three panels with ‘the works’ my name for a four-shade blend that’s way better shading than the two shade shit I normally do. I first cracked this when I did panel 131, but it took me four hours. Chiwetel Ejiofor also took me four hours. I shaded three different faces with ‘the works’, averaging about an hour apiece, and I’m happy enough with the result.

  3. I had this idea for what I’m currently calling a ‘GIMP tool’. It’s an Arduino-powered device with three dials and five buttons that controls a bunch of GIMP settings (right now, just brush size and zoom). In a couple days, it went from crazy, hopeless dream to partly working prototype. I’ve got some great ideas for the interface. I keep having to go from the tablet to the keyboard, and I’m hoping to cut that almost out of my process.