The Eye Ripper

Here’s my latest comic: It’s my second one to feature the eye ripper. Warning, the rest of this post describes how to operate a device designed to maim someone.

Eye Ripper Diagram

I made this in Oculus Medium. I love VR, but this might be the first practical use. I put this together, pointed it at my face, and I immediately thought, “This would be pretty easy to wriggle out of.” So I added the skull cradle and the chin trap.

Here’s the basics of how you use it:

Your victim should be incapacitated, preferably on the floor.

First, you swing the device downward over the victim’s head. First, you turn the handle on the chin trap and then slide it forward until it hits the victim’s chin.

Second, you push the clamp lever, and the temple clamps lock onto the side of the victim’s head, forcing it forward.

Third, adjust the knobs. The clamp knob fine tuns how far apart the temple clamps land. Too tight, and the clamps won’t lock, too loose and the victim has some lateral movement. The barrel knob controls how far forward the barrel goes. Adjust it forward until you get a seal over the victim’s eye.

Now you’re ready to pull the trigger. There’s a pump in the barrel that sucks out the victim’s eye. In a little less than a second, a small port irises closed cutting the nerves that still attach the eye.

I don’t remember where I got this idea.