The Other Adventurers

The quick news is that my son, Zane, has a comic called “The Other Adventurers”, and I’ve posted it to a web site, making it the first comic other than “Inhumane Resources” to use Mobinge. You can see it at

The comic is landscape, not portrait, so if you’re reading it with your phone, have to turn it sideways.

Zane actually posted a webcomic before I did (you can see, which Zane did over four years ago). It might seem like I’m the inspiration for Zane doing a comic about a comic about villains, but I think his biggest inspiration is Rich Burlew’s The Order of the Stick. And he draws it about villains because Zane has prefered the villains since he was two (maybe sooner, but I have clear memories of it at two).

I’m really proud of his work. There’s more stuff, but Zane wanted to post this comic with Mobinge, and all that work was on paper and wasn’t consistently proportioned. I think I’ll put it in the blog.

Spekaing of blog, Zane did a really cool thing where he wrote blog entries as his characters. I’m tempted to copy it.

Oh, and I also have a comic at Again, I really hate the art. I think after I have a lot of more challenging comics, I just fall apart artistically. I like the lighting, but not much else. The art gets better after this.

I’ve had robots like the Centaurs in every draft of the story. Early on, I think they’re six legged and called ‘spider robots’. There’s a few companies that are trying out quadrapedal walkers much like the Centaurs. I added on a torso with motors to tilt the torso back and forth so the Centaur can rebalance its mass backward or forward (as well as giving it a place to have arms).

The robotics discussion is only a little informed with some work I’ve done with Arduinos. I’m thus far hopeless with wires.