New Beginning

All the staff is in one room, and I’m not happy about it. You can pretty well measure how long a comic takes me to draw by how many unique people I have to draw.

Sometimes I coast for weeks doing one new drawing and two that mostly recycle old panels, but now everyone is in a new place, and they’re moving a lot. So instead of drawing one new person, I’m drawing five or six.

It sounds like pointless whining, but remember, I’m a really crappy artist. Sometimes what you see is my third or fourth attempt to sketch a character, and sometimes that’s still terrible. What, it’s still pointless whining?

So this panel introduces my first use of 3D rendering. I hope to up the subtle for it, and I have a snaking ambition to do the whole damn comic with 3D rendering and touch up.

I long ago decided that I’d render the centaurs, and the day kind of snuck up on me.

Also, this is my 52nd entry, which could be considered to mean I’ve done a year of this comic, though my 53rd entry will be closer to a year.

Plus, I’m just shy of my 250th panel (I just did 249). Measuring my progress in numbers is crach to me. I don’t know why.