The Cat Outfit Rendered

Here’s my latest comic:

I’ve got a lot of hand-drawn panels of Ada’s cat outfit, but I had to make a model of it for these. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s not quite right. The eyes look like they’re painted on. In the way Ada’s helpet is drawn, it’s pretty clear the eyes are glassy things inset into the cat mask.

A couple people heard about the main punchline for this strip – Ada uses “baseball” as a keyword like “Alexa” because it’s something none of her crew is likely to say, and the response from both people was that it should be “football”. I’m a little cowardly on racial issues. Football is an odd sport with disproportionately minority players but a white audience. I was afraid that someone would spin the issue out.

Now I’ve written this down, which is plenty of ammunition, which is why these thoughts are safely buried in a blog.