The End of the Date

Here’s my latest comic:

This entry is largely just connection dialogue to wind up the date. It’s the end of my extremely laborious cafe work. If I hadn’t just done the cafe, I’d have said Charlotte’s bed was a lot of work. I did cloth physics to manage the canopy and the sheets, and it was really hard to get them to behave. I had to pin the sheets to their bodies to stop them from galloping off like a frightened rabbit, and force me to detail more of my characters than I planned to.

It’s more my laziness than a sense of propriety that keeps you from seeing Charlotte’s nipples or Julius’s wang. I’m going to end the suspense: I’m going to hide those nipples for the whole scene like Austin Powers.

I crossed 750 panels with this entry, blazing past to 754. In about a year, I’ll have 1,000 panels. It’ll be a big deal because I allocated four digits for panels, and in four years, I’ll actually need them. I won’t have to rewrite the code for five panels unless I keep doing this for another 37 years.