Candy from a Baby

Here’s my latest comic:


First Panel:

The expression “Like taking candy from a baby” never made sense to me. Lots of people would give up candy more quietly and more easily than a baby. Babies are weak, you say, but anyone who’s raised a kid will tell you they have a disproportionately strong grip.

I’ve only given this a little thought, just now, but if I wanted to take candy from someone, I’d pick someone in their late 20s. Life has started to kinda kick them on their heels, and they’re starting to think, maybe I’m better off if you have the candy. They haven’t really solidified. When you get to forty or fifty, you get more centered on what people’s spaces are, and you’re more likely to put up a fight over soemthing as trivial as candy.

So you heard it from me, if you want to take candy from someone, don’t pick a baby. Pick someone a few years out of college.