The Cafe

Here’s my latest comic:

I’ve been planning this comic for a few months. This date between Charlotte and Julius is in every draft I’ve done of this story, but VR is a new introduction. I wanted something that kind of made Julius sweep Charlotte off her feet. This thing of recreating a cafe in VR seemed like a workable idea.

And I like to do weird cameos of people I know and people who read the comic, so it occurred to me if there were a lot of people in the cafe, I could do a lot of them.

The problem is that the difficulty of the comic is largely proportional to the number of new things I introduce. A comic with eight completely new people and a detailed setting is about four times my usual work.

Okay, here are all the cameos:

First panel, left to right:

Second panel: Chelsea as herself

Third panel, left to right:

Fourth panel, left to right:

And I thought Charlotte’s tears and dramatic statement about coming to terms with her isolation would really resonate with viewers facing quarantine. I can’t connect with it right now. I’ve been in quarantine for a year, and it was getting to me, but I was also in the Texas blackout, so I’ve been huddled under a quilt wondering what I would do if my house went from freezing to lethally freezing. It’s been a year for peeling back my heirarchy of needs layer by layer.