Montage, Part 1

Here’s my latest comic:

A lot of these entries are trying to capture that Julius has a hell of a lot of work to do, and it takes a really long time. I’m also trying to present a lot of pieces of what it’s like to be a software developer.

The first three panels cover what’s called “rubber duck debugging”. On the wikipedia page, it says, “Insights are often found by simply describing the problem aloud”. When I do it, the problem is often about as incoherent as it is for Julius, right here.

The idea is that you get insights even if you don’t communicate. The idea taking a tour to your brain trying to get spoken often shakes a problem loose.

The dream features a few odd things. Julius is writing, “Ham, Motherfucker”, which appeared in a dream of mine as an ad campaign. All the names are people I knew in High School. Jim Owens was a really good Algebra teacher. Chad sounds like a football player and Brenda like a cheerleader, and that’s how I cast them, though for both names, the first ones I can think of were both drama nerds.