Frustration in Cyberspace

Here’s my latest comic:

We’re back in VRide, the VR IDE that Finch and Julius use. I’ve had VRide show up before. Back then, it was a weird amalgum of stuff I ginned up in GIMP, stuff I put together with limited Blender and stuff I pulled out of Oculus Rift all composited together in GIMP.

Now it’s all Blender-rendered. I made a fork of my model for Julius for his VR avatar. It’s less smoothed out so it’s a little blocky, and the avatar has long sleeves and pants that Julius avoids IRL.

There’s a feature of the avatar that you can’t see at all, which is that he’s monochrome. His clothes are black, and his face and hair are light gray. He likes old movies, so he liked the idea of being black and white.

However, the light bouncing off that sandstone temple makes him look kind of flesh-colored.

Also, notice in the second panel there’s a different background on the other side of that portal Finch’s avatar is coming through. Julius made this temple for his coding work, but Finch is coming from a different library with the same background we saw before borrowed from the amazing VR game Moss.