Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/577.

So I had a Green Skull model that I’ve been winning ever since the data center comics. However, there’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t know how to do when I made it. For instance, the skull helmet didn’t follow his head when he moved, and I couldn’t figure out how to do cloth.

A ton of lessons at CGCookie later, and I knew to parent the mask to the headbone and how to anchor points on a surface and set the rest to a cloth dynamic. I worked on the chest and waist a little, gave him a belt and some textures.

The difference is that I used to have to do a good amount of work, smearing him to fix up the shading and then tracing everying in (a process I’ve referred to as “rendersmear”). Now, the Green Skull model is just rendered.

My starting point for the body (and I don’t change it much besides the textures, helmet and cape) is abdoubouam’s Rigged Man basemesh, so he deserves lots of credit.

Mild spoiler: It is a plot point that Julius can recognize Green Skull from his walk.