The Great Debate

Here’s my latest comic:

It’s tough to defend this entry. It’s there partly to give another pass on the explanation for how Julius is capturing data differently (I’m not done, more description to come). Partly it’s a conversation that had to happen since these two just had a fight over storage space. They’d talk about whether this new system would be costly.

Maybe I could have cut this. Part two is done in a bunch of tiny arcs of several entries, and all this stuff with the images is the first arc. Part one has a bunch of arcs, too: Julius talks to Green Skull, Julius talks to Charlotte, etc. . ., but those had very little freedom in order. I’ve got an outline for part two on a bunch of note cards, and all this discussion of how Julius is going to handle his job is the first note card. Most of the cards will be a lot smaller. The next few are individual entries.

While I was working on these panels, I got a much nicer model of Green Skull and a modification of Julius to be his VR avatar.