Entry 130

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/559.

I’m afraid this was late. I had network problems last night. Some parts of the posting process worked and some didn’t.

I like these way better than the previous four panels. I had to rebuild the scene. There’s a lot more light in the hallway, which makes it look a bit more rendered than I like (I want it to look like a drawing), but it mostly works.

What doesn’t work is Julius’ face. I couldn’t open his mouth or move his features when I did these panels. I was constantly rushing to fix fingers that turned to paper when they curved or slightly wrong things with the bone structure.

Finch is drawn. I’m using the same image of Finch a lot, doing a bunch of deltas changing his expression just a bit from panel to panel. I can’t wait until I get a model of Finch.

By the way, there’s rioting as I write this. You’ll see this blog post at least three weeks later. I hope the looting has stopped.

Again, a last-minute comment about the content. This is almost a mantra of mine as a developer. It’s not my job to make people make smart decisions or force them to do things in the right way. My job is to make the decisions they do make work.