The Stakes are Set

Here’s my latest comic:

Immediate update: So, there’s work to do, but I’ve got my model of Julius in a workable state, and I’ve started work on much more purely 3D rendered comics than I’ve done before. I’m pretty pleased with the work, and it’s amazing to have some really obsessive work with Blender pay off.

Okay, here’s the regular update about the comic, written about five weeks ago:

So part of what I’m trying to do in this comic is represent software development in a somewhat honest way, with a lot of comedy and weird stuff added on to take a field no one has accused of being interesting to watch and making it a little more interesting.

One thing I don’t see very often in representation of programmers is that they argue. Sometimes, they argue a lot. There are aspects of both writing and architecture to programming, and if you talk to writers or architects, you’ll find they’d rather things were done their way. Programmers are much the same. I wanted a fight that’s pretty serious as these things can be between reasonable people.

Now, I have seen developer fights get to borderline violent. I haven’t been there. I get very, very angry sometimes, but usually not at people, and I’m too scared of conflict to get much nastier than this argument gets.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. I’m working on a 3D model of Julius. I’ve got a model for this part of the bunker, one for the centaurs, one for Green Skull (though it needs work). Julius is much, much more work than anything I’ve done so far. Anyway, this comic features my first use of that model as a reference. Julius’s arms in the third panel are based on the model, posed like that.

I’m dragging my feet on my art, and a lot of that time is going into my 3D work. I’m impatient to get better at Blender, and I really want to front-load more of my day-to-day effort so I can make a better comic with less time.