Capture Dust Exposition

Here’s my latest comic:

Yeah, I described what capture dust was, but that was something like a year ago. Here it is again.

I kept wresting with making the herpes virus I used for size comparison ‘corona virus’. When I first sketched this, Italy was just beginning to ramp up. The entire process of putting together four entries is a long one, and I dragged my feet. I had other projects (like the PSA I did a couple weeks ago), and it’s tough to keep making a comic no one reads when you’re faced with the scope of something like this.

So my point is, this set of comics took me five or six weeks, and in that time corona virus went from something that only worrywarts like me worry about to this thing that keeps the entire country under its thumb. I decided that people would find my use of an old classic quaint, and using corona virus would be almost as unwelcome as a Tiger King reference.