Corona Virus and End of Section One

Here’s my latest comic:

I do these comics four at a time, and I queue them up two to eight weeks before they get released. This is the first comic blog post that I’m writing after the school closings and the rest of quarantine.

I really enjoy stories about zombies and other kinds of disease covering the Earth. It’s interesting to see all the ways they got it right and how they got it wrong (nobody predicted how popular baking gets, as best I can tell). It’s really hard to keep feeling like this comic matters in the face of what’s going on.

Anyway, this is the end of section one. Have I said that multiple times? Okay, I meant different things by “section one of X”. This is the end of section one of three. I’m planning on putting out all the entries up to this in one bound physical book.

Take care, everyone. We’re all going through this, and I wish almost all of you well.