Blazing a new Trail!

Here’s my latest comic:

So, nearly three years ago, I got some ideas that kickstarted an old idea for a story I had about a software developer who worked for a supervillain. In about ten hours over a couple weeks, I wrote up about twelve pages of this story. I read them aloud at “Cohortcon”, a big party with some friend that was an annual event in California.

And, over the next two or so years, I spent about a thousand hours drawing those twelve pages. That’s oversimplified. The twelve pages basically start at panel 56 of this comic, and about half the panels after that are new material. There’s no Chelsea in the original pages, and they’re from Julius’s point of view, so he has no idea what’s happening with Green Skull.

Anyway, my point is that the twelve pages end right at this panel. From now on, it’s entirely new territory.