Here’s my latest comic:

So one respect in which this story isn’t that well suited for comic form is that it’s almost entirely people standing or sitting around talking. This is one of very few entries that has people moving and being violent. I suppose there’s a couple Green Skull/Firehawk panels earlier.

This punchline, I recognize, is pretty risky. You can’t hear what Julius says, (“Ada? I think I’ve been shot.”) I’m hoping the reader will take the full panel gunshot to mean that the gun hit something important (it didn’t, but that’s what Julius feels, too). You can see Ada and Steve are fine, but Julius is clutching his chest.

You also have to catch the South Park reference, which is a little bit old.

And this is basically my two year anniversary! I started the comic on New Year’s Eve, 2017. The big milestones coming up are expanding between my last written material (in about a month) the 500th panel (in about three months, and the end of book one (three or four months).