Christmas Taser

Here’s my latest comic:

Okay, I’m putting up this comic four days early. That’s because I’m leaving town for five days and I can only kick of this publication process from home. I did rig it up so I was able to publish from Northumberland, but the publication was much simpler back then. I was able to make the final step just an update to the manifest. Now I have to blog, publish to two other websites. It’s a whole thing.

My next comic is coming out on the 29th, ten days from now. Here’s what I was going to say when this comic was supposed to be released on the 22nd:

Merry Christmas, almost. It’s just before election day when I’m putting this comic in the queue.

I kind of like my centaur-vision panel. I wasn’t sure that I would. I recently saw Terminator: Dark Horizon (remember, I queue these up long in advance). I always wonder at the Terminator-eye-view displays. Who’s that display for? Are they saying a computer designed to kill any person it finds as a UI in its head?

I suppose this could be a display that Finch is looking at back at the base. I used a couple of Gimp filters, so part of the reason I liked it is that it was pretty fast to do.