It Blogs Itself!

Here’s my latest comic:

So I just finished writing this thing that queues blog posts to go out the day a comic is released so I don’t have to write one entirely manually. All this text is still mine, but I’m going to do it when I queue the comic rather than when I publish it.

“Queue”, by the way, means the comic is basically finished and up on my local web-server, which is a few weeks ahead of the public web server. I finish the last panel and type, “qtopanel 345”, and it converts the images up to panel 345, updates my local manifest and now, writes a blank blog entry for me to put in.

So I don’t know anything about the current world and can only comment on the comic, which is kind of one step back, art-wise.

And yes, now it comes up that Charlotte is also Jewish. Her family is Russian Jewish, and her ‘real’ name is April Novik. Her real name might never come up in the story.